Giggly Hugs Summer Program

Our summer program is a fun blend of on campus and off campus activities that appeal to the age range of our kiddos.  The day is equally balanced with upbeat and relaxing activities.  The kids enjoy group puzzles, imaginative games, building forts and arts and craft activities.  There is an acre backyard where the kids play many hours throughout each day.  They have water day twice a week where the kids can bring swimsuits and enjoy sprinklers, slip n slides and our amazing water blob.


In-House Activities:

During the summer, our weeks are broken down by themes to give purpose to our activities.


Each year here at Giggly Hugs we collectively participate in massive efforts to successfully plan and plant a large garden filled with an assortment of seeds! Over the course of the summer, it is primarily the job of our School Age summer program to nurture and care for the wide range of vegetables, herbs, edible and non-edible flowers, and fruits. While the other classes play an active role in tracking the progress and watering daily as their contribution, it is our school agers who do the bulk of the cultivating. We also draw, describe, observe, and experience our garden with all our senses and by recording our findings in our classroom garden log. At the end of the summer, we finally participate in enjoying the fruits of our labor by harvesting and preparing a snack or meal.

Projects with a Purpose:

Each summer one day per week is dedicated to community outreach! This allows kids to get involved in projects with a purpose so that they cultivate a connection to their community, give help where it’s needed, and develop a greater capacity for empathy, compassion, responsibility, and service. This is our way of teaching kids to embody the statement, “hard work pays off.” This fills your bucket approach to giving is often a much needed and refreshed perspective. Some of these projects include partnerships or relationships with Meals on Wheels, The Humane Society, Local police, fire stations, and hospitals. We send letters to veterans, send care packages to active military or educational missions abroad, we visit senior citizens and play games, clean up our community, recycle, compost, and discuss how each of us can individually and collectively make a difference.


Once a week we will focus our attention on tinkering! This consists of using outside of the box materials, and odds and ends objects to explore the sciences and art of what’s around us! Whether we are aiming for a specific final product like a robot for example, or simply letting the creative energies flow by doing what we can with what we have for a more abstract result; We can promise that Tinkering Day will never be dull. Kiddos will be provided with loose parts from just about every category of household object you can think of in order to realize all of their “What If’s” and “A little of this, A little of that” ideas.


It’s on this day that kiddos will truly be provided the opportunity to be whoever they want to be! From improv experiences to their small group, self-directed skits, to class plays, to an individual spoken word, your child will shine! If it’s not the spotlight they want, then it’s the director or set designer they can be! Even the seemingly smallest of productions take many roles! With the “Show Must Go On” mentality everyone will have the opportunity to participate in a way they will truly enjoy for what tends to be a hilariously heartwarming finale! We have produced a play, played comedy sports themed ice-breaking games, made music videos, done karaoke shows, and created sets and wardrobe!

Cultural Infusion:

Each week the kids will be provided the option to delve into a culture which may be unfamiliar to them! By taking a peak at customs and traditions from around the world, we can learn a little more about what’s outside of where we live! We discuss holidays, symbols, lifestyles, and all the ways in which we may be similar and different! Through research and colorful group discussion we are able to gain a broader perspective of the world

Field Trips:

Every summer we go on weekly or bi-weekly field trips.  Some examples include:

Lasertag Adventures

Retzer Nature Center

Sunset Bowl

Reaching Treetops Ariel Yoga

Salto Gymnastics

Interested in setting up a tour?