Meet the Giggly Hugs Leadership Team


Owner/Executive Director: Sarah Kirschling

My name is Sarah Kirschling and I am the Owner/Executive Director of Giggly Hugs Child Care.  I have strong beliefs that children need to have amazing supports in their early years to help them build the relationship and emotional skills that bridge them into their academic years.  When I hire staff, they must have the same outlook on the importance of those relationship and emotional skills.  I am actively involved daily with each staff to ensure that my philosophies are being followed in the programs.  An amazing program is not possible without amazing teachers.  A Giggly Hugs family can be assured that the highest importance is placed on who is influencing the lives of their children.


Director: Pam

My name is Pam and I am the director of Giggly Hugs Child Care.  I love being part of an organization that strives to provide the best support possible to families, children and staff.  The needs of each child are interwoven with each family, which are interwoven with each staff member.  I work hard to balance and support these groups, so their experience is the best possible.  Brainstorming, problem-solving and being accessible is the best way for me to stay involved with everyone in the center.  I feel this is the key role of a director and what makes the experience of Giggly Hugs stand out from any other program.


Staff Supervisor: Danii

My name is Danii and I am the staff supervisor of Giggly Hugs Child Care.  My main job is to support our teachers, so they can provide the best possible programming for your child.  I enjoy being able to help them problem solve and create new systems within a classroom.  I can spend time every week in each of the classrooms, so I can get to know the teachers and children.  I am also the contact person for new families as they are inquiring about enrollment.  I look forward to helping parents in their search for trusted childcare.

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