Childcare Provider in the City of Waukesha

Giggly Hugs Child Care takes a natural and playful approach to caring for your child.  Our teachers spend their day talking, playing and learning along with your child.  The teacher's focus is on relationships and this allows the teacher to spend quality individual time with every child, every day.  The minute you walk into Giggly Hugs Child Care you will know that your child is being cared for with love and compassion, as every child should be!

Meet the Owner

My name is Sarah Kirschling and I am the owner of Giggly Hugs Child Care.  I have been caring for children for over twenty years and have three children of my own.  When my middle son was diagnosed with Autism and Type 1 Diabetes, I realized that I no longer had the option of enrolling him in a child care center.  He needed individualized support, a sensory friendly environment and specially trained staff.  That was the beginning of an amazing project to open a center that provided individualized and loving care for EVERY child.  I am excited to be able to share all that I have learned from my children with other families who are navigating the fun, crazy and amazing journey of raising children!

I believe that children need to have fun and learn through play.  At Giggly Hugs, we allow children to have hands-on learning experiences, even if it means being messy!  Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning.  At Giggly Hugs, our focus will be on the teacher/child interactions and the child/peer interactions.  I believe these relationship-building skills are invaluable and often overlooked in the child care and school curriculum.  Most of all I believe that every child deserves a loving and caring environment to grow and learn!


Giggly Hugs Unique Values


Children ages 1 and older enjoy weekly classes to enhance their experience.  Yoga, Spanish and music classes are enjoyed by all!


Your family's dietary preferences are as individual as you are, so parents provide a lunch for their children


We use the “Preschool2me” system, which is an online teacher-to-parent communication system.  Parents can see their child’s daily activities and pictures as they play and learn


Our outdoor play area is a FULL acre of “park-like” space to run, play and get the wiggles out.  Our backyard has an interactive vegetable garden, flower garden, and herb garden.  You will also see many herbs and plants growing in the classrooms

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